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A new opinion piece by Tina on procastination was published in The Straits Times.

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A new paper on subjective age and inflammation risk led by Nadya, is published in Comprehensive Psychoneuroendocrinology.

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A new opinion piece co-authored by our lab member Frosch Quek on Social media and depressive symptoms is published in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

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Based on Lucas's independent study, a new article on cross-domain congruency sequence effect is published in Royal Science Open Society.

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A new meta-analysis on dyslexia and creativity, based on Nadya's independent study, is published in Dyslexia.

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Two undergraduate projects, led by Nadya and Verity, have been accepted as poster presentations at SAS 2021.

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Four undergraduate projects, led by Frosch, Gloria, Nadya, and Verity, were presented as posters at SPSP 2021. Additionally, the posters by Gloria and Nadya won first and second place respectively for the Undergraduate Student Poster Awards!

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A new study on mindfulness and working memory, involving Frosch, Nadya, Meenakshi, Verity, and Hee Seng, is published in Brain Sciences.

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Two undergraduate projects, led by Nadya and Manmeet have been accepted as poster presentations at INS 2021.

Two of our projects (Dyslexia and creativity; Musical experience and executive functioning) were shortlisted as finalists for the Singapore Psychological Society Student Research Awards 2020. We won a total of five awards: Best Undergraduate Paper (1st & 2nd place), Best Quantitative Paper in Open Category (1st place & finalist), and the Audience Choice Award! Congratulations to Nadya, Verity, and Matthew!

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Lucas is awarded the Dean's Award for being the most Outstanding First Major in Psychology in Year 3 cohort!

D'Alene is awarded the Singapore Prison Service Psychology Prize for being the Top Year Three Student with First Major in Psychology. Congratulations D'Alene!

DawnLab is awarded the MOE AcRF Tier 1 Grant to study executive functions and resilience against daily stressors. Yay!

Manmeet takes up a part-time trainee role as a Behavioural Therapist. All the best for pursuing your dream!

Our research on COVID-19 as part of the Psychological Science Accelerator's global network has been featured by SMU Office of Research and Tech Transfer.

Frosch (senior year), Jia Jun (junior year), Meenakshi, Manmeet, Verity (sophomore year) are listed on the Dean's List for AY2019/2020. We are very proud of you :)

A new study on gratitude and cognitive flexibility, based on groundwork laid by Nadia's senior thesis, is published in Brain Sciences

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A new critical review led by Verity Lua on moderating role of contextual factors in the associations between video games and well-being, is published in the Computers in Human Behaviour Reports. 

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A new multilevel analysis on dispositional optimism as a buffer against daily stressors, led by Nadya, is published in the Journal of Research in Personality.

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A new opinion piece by Wei Tek on Fake news was published in The Straits Times.

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A new book review on why students cannot focus led by Joax, is published in the Journal of Mental Health.

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