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Executive function deficits and borderline personality disorder symptomatology in a nonclinical adult sample: A latent variable analysis.

Veerapandian, K. D., Tan, G. X. D., Majeed, M. N., & Hartanto, A.



While borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptomatology has been studied extensively in clinical populations, the mechanisms underlying its manifestation in nonclinical populations remain largely understudied. One aspect of BPD symptomatology in nonclinical populations that has not been well studied is cognitive mechanisms, especially in relation to executive functions. To explore the cognitive mechanisms underlying BPD symptomatology in nonclinical populations, we analysed a large-scale dataset of 233 young adults that were administered with nine executive function tasks and BPD symptomatology assessments. Our structural equation modelling did not find any significant relations between latent factors of executive functions and the severity of BPD symptomatology. Contrary to our hypothesis, our result suggests that deficits in executive functions were not a risk factor for BPD symptomatology in the nonclinical young adult sample.

Keywords: borderline personality disorder; executive functions; BPD symptomatology; inhibitory control; cognitive flexibility; updating-working memory

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