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A daily diary investigation of the fear of missing out and diminishing daily emotional well-being: The moderating role of cognitive reappraisal.

Hartanto, A., Wong, J., Lua, V. Y. Q., Tng, G. Y. Q., Kasturiratna, K. T. A. S., & Majeed, N. M.



With modern societies becoming ever-increasingly interconnected due to technology and media, we have gained unprecedented access and exposure to other people's lives. This has resulted in a greater desire to constantly be socially connected with the activities of others, or the fear of missing out (FoMO). While much of the present available research has established the association between FoMO and diminished emotional well-being, little has been done to identify protective factors that can help one cope with the negative psychological consequences of FoMO. Utilizing data from a 7-day diary study of a large sample of young adults (N = 261), the current study aimed to examine the moderating role of cognitive reappraisal in attenuating diminished emotional well-being associated with FoMO. Multilevel modeling showed that cognitive reappraisal attenuated the day-to-day within-person associations between daily FoMO and indicators of daily emotional well-being such as negative affectivity, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

Keywords: cognitive reappraisal; daily diary; emotion regulation; emotional well-being; fear of missing out.

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